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        We mainly produce agitation tankthickening tank, thickener machine, agitator machine, flotation machine etc. Our agitation and thickening equipment has completed the design of large-scale 100M3, 160M3, 320M3 inflatable flotation machine , we design and apply 15m large scale agitation tank and 12m crystal mixer on the mixing equipment, making up the original large mining mixing tank was imported from abroad .



XCF/KYF Flotation machine

The factory is willing to provide high-quality products and perfect services to domestic and foreign customers, sincere cooperation and common development.

Product Features

The main products of the enterprise are crushing equipment and ball mill, mixing tank and flotation equipment, concentration and screening equipment, agitation equipment and large-scale mixing equipments for salt lake potash.

  • Low energy consumption;
  • The air is well dispersed;
  • The impeller acts as a centrifugal pump to keep the solids suspended in the tank;
  • Light abrasion and low maintenance cost;
  • Start with load;
  • Low consumption of potions;
  • Simple structure and easy maintenance;
  • U-shaped tank, reducing short circuit circulation;
  • Advanced slurry level control system, convenient operation and management;
  • The XCF/KYF unit enables the horizontal configuration of the flotation operation room, eliminating the need for foam pumps.


XCF II Type Floater

XCFII type is a mechanical inflatable mixing floater of slurry suction. It not only has the advantages of common mechanical iflatable mixing floater of sury suction, but can also have self-suction of feeding (entering) and medium mine (returning). No foam pump is needed,but the power consumed is slightly higher than KYF type.


KYF II Type Floater

KYFII type is an air-filled mechanical stirring flotation machine. It has low power without self-priming pulp function. If this unique model is used in the flotation process, the equipment needs to be configured with steps (height difference), and foam is required to return to the mine Pump. In order to achieve the requirements of horizontal configuration of flotation equipment, XCF II and KYF | I type can be combined configuration, XCF II type is used as suction tank, KYF II type is used as direct flow tank, and the foam pump is omitted in the return of China Mines. In this way, the unique performance of each model is brought into play and complements each other. The structural feature of this flotation machine is the design of a double inverted cone-shaped impeller with backward inclined blades, and an air distributor in the center of the impeller, which results in superior performance compared with similar flotation machines.


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Agitation Thickening Tank Equipment,Thickener Agitator Machine

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Agitation Thickening Tank Equipment,Thickener Agitator Machine